Trustee Profiles


Trustees as of June 2016.

Les Snowdon (Chairman), former senior bank employee. Manages the Fort’s Office and administration. Responsible for overseeing Events & Weddings, financial governance and human resources. Principle areas of focus are building a sustainable business and improving customer experience, therefore, ensuring the Fort’s continued restoration and development as a public amenity.

Steve Quinton (Vice Chairman), Project manager for a construction and civil engineering company. Brings expertise in construction management, health & safety and project management. Principle interests, historical structures, underground research. Managing restoration projects on the Fort and overseeing the building and repair of gun carriages.

Dave Moorman, (Treasurer), Director of Spec Savers in Medway. Dave brings expertise to the Trust in retail management, human resource management and governance. Principle interests are local and military history, maintaining the independence of FAHT, whilst also seeking greater co-operation with other similar bodies.

Glenn Robinson, self employed businessman, principle interests are maintaining the fabric of Fort Amherst with responsibility for licences in respect of explosives and fire arms (Ordnance Collection) and promoting the site as a centre of re-enactor excellence and living history.

Edmund Gulvin, Self Employed Tree Surgeon. Principle interests are the maintenance of the Forts grounds and acts as the Designated Premises Supervisor, holding the Fort’s licences in respect of operating as a public licensed premises. Responsible for delivery of the Halloween business.

Keith Gulvin, part time university lecturer and consultant. Principle interests are research and publication of the history of Fort Amherst and associated works, management of heritage and archive collections. Fundraiser for capital projects. Only remaining founder member of the original Fort Amherst Trust.