Cannon Restoration (Ordnance) Volunteer Role Description

Place of Volunteering: Fort Amherst, Dock Road, Chatham, Kent ME4 4UB.

Reporting to: Trustee Chair of Ordnance Committee.

Responsible for: Assisting with the Conservation, restoration and maintenance of historical cannon and ordnance.

Role profile: As a member of the Cannon Restoration (Ordnance) team you will have an interest in the conservation and display of the Fort's historical Ordnance and cannon collection. The projects which you will be involved in will be incredibly varied and there are plenty of opportunities to gain additional skills.

Working hours: Mostly on Saturdays. However there may be the opportunity for occasional weekday volunteering by prior arrangement with the Trustee Chair of the Ordnance committee.

General tasks include:

- Assisting with the repair and maintenance of historical cannon and ordnance.

- Building and maintaining cannon carriages.

- Conservation of old iron work associated with ordnance equipment.

- Developing a good working knowledge of the history of the Fort's ordnance collection.

- Assisting with the moving and siting of items in the ordnance collection.

- Undertaking any other tasks as requested by the lead Trustee.

You will need to be able to:

- Have some aptitude for either carpentry, repair of metalwork or use of power tools.

- Demonstrate good basic DIY skills.

- Have some interest in historical research and / or conservation techniques.

- Adhere to Health and Safety guidelines where appropriate.

Appearance Guidelines: As Fort Amherst is a visitor attraction and a public park, you will be expected to wear appropriate clothing at all times so as to maintain a professional image. Further details of the clothing policy can be found within the volunteer guidelines.

As this role involves work both outside and inside buildings that may not have electricity or heating it is important to dress appropriately for the weather conditions and the tasks being completed.

Should Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) be needed you will be issued with it accordingly. Please note that if you supply your own PPE it is your responsibility to ensure it is in good condition and suitable for use.

Conduct Guidelines: As Fort Amherst is a visitor attraction and a public park, it is important that we portray a professional image. Swearing, offensive language or behaviour of any type will not be tolerated and will lead to disciplinary action being taken.

In your role you may be approached by a member of public with questions about the Fort and its history. If this happens please assist them as much as possible, in a polite manner. Should you not know the answer to the visitor’s question please ask another team member or direct the visitor to enquire at the Visitor Centre.

Legal Requirement: There are no special legal requirements for this role.