Tour Guide Volunteer Role Description

Tour Guide Volunteer Role Description

Place of Volunteering: Fort Amherst, Dock Road, Chatham, Kent ME4 4UB

Reporting to: Volunteer Supervisor

Responsible for: Being the main point of contact for all visitors to Fort Amherst.  To conduct tours on a daily basis, giving all of our visitors an in depth history of the Fort, whilst delivering outstanding customer service.

Role profile:

Overall: As a Tour Guide you will play an integral part in Fort Amherst’s future. By sharing your enthusiasm for history with people of all ages you will help bring to life the Fort and the people who have worked here. You will be able to tailor the experience you give to the audience, and will be able to answer visitors’ questions about the Fort and its place in history. Leading up to 25 people you will be a person who enjoys engaging with groups.

Working hours: As agreed with the Chief Tour Guide but expect this to typically be for a set number of hours on set days each week around our Tunnel Tour times.  During holidays/sickness some flexibility would be appreciated.

General Tasks:

These include:

- Being on site from 10am and available for tours at 11am and 2pm (on occasion 12pm).

- Opening the tunnel complex, in accordance with the Tour Guide Checklist.

- Conducting tours on in a timely and informative manner. 

- Reminding visitors of the other attractions on site such as the Visitor Centre and café.

- Ensuring that Health and Safety of our visitors is not compromised in any way. 

- Assisting in the preparation and operation of events when necessary.

- Communicating with the Volunteer Supervisor any incidents that may occur throughout the day.

- Closing the tunnel complex, in accordance with the Tour Guide Checklist.

 You will need to be able to:

- Walk through the tunnels and around the site, across uneven floors and up and down a number of staircases.

- See and walk in levels of low lighting.

- Use a 2 way radio as provided by the Fort.

- Provide a fun and interactive experience for the visitors, tailored to be suitable for the age of the audience or tour group.

- Correctly and honestly answer questions raised by members of the public. If a visitor asks a question and you are unsure of the answer, you should inform them that you are unsure and will endeavour to find out the correct answer when you return to the Visitor Centre.

Appearance Guidelines: As Fort Amherst is a visitor attraction and a public park, you will be expected to wear appropriate clothing at all times so as to maintain a professional image. Further details of the clothing policy can be found within the volunteer guidelines As this role involves work both outside and inside buildings that may not have electricity or heating it is important to dress appropriately for the weather conditions and the tasks being completed

Conduct Guidelines: As Fort Amherst is a visitor attraction and a public park, it is important that we portray a professional image.  Swearing, offensive language or behaviour of any type will not be tolerated and will lead to disciplinary action being taken. In your role you may be approached by a member of public with questions about the Fort and its history. If this happens please assist them as much as possible, in a polite manner.  Should you not know the answer to the visitor’s question please ask another team member or direct the visitor to enquire at the Visitor Centre.

Legal Requirement: Should you be responsible for a team of people at Fort Amherst you may require an Enhanced Criminal Records Bureau Check.  This will be arranged and paid for by Fort Amherst Heritage Trust. Should you have any concerns regarding this check please speak with the Volunteer Supervisor first before the CRB request is submitted.

Training & Development: Where required any training will be provided by way of “on the job training” from other experienced members of our tour guide team.  After you have been with us for some time and subject to agreement by the Trust there may be the opportunity to participate in nationally recognized certificates, such as NVQ.