Paranormal Investigations

We will soon be at the centre of an archaeological exploration and heritage regeneration project thanks to the Heritage Lottery Fund. Click here for details. 

What our Guests Say

Barbara: I have been interested in all things ‘paranormal’ for as long as I can remember but it wasn’t until February 2012 that I finally took part in a paranormal investigation...  click here to visit Barbara's blog and read more.

Steven: The Medium was great…going to book for the Halloween Special (19th February, 2011)

MJ: Wow.. the table tipping was fantastic (16th April, 2011)

OJ: I was amazed, I made contact with my Grandad. I’m booking again!” (16th April, 2011)

W.Tomlin: I would just like to thank you for a brilliant night. The ghost evening was a fantastic insight into the world of Fort Amherst, which my family and I really enjoyed. The guides were friendly, knowledgable and just as scepticle as the rest of us. I felt completely safe in their hands for the night, thank you. (13th August, 2011)