Paranormal Investigations

What our Guests Say

Barbara: I have been interested in all things ‘paranormal’ for as long as I can remember but it wasn’t until February 2012 that I finally took part in a paranormal investigation...  click here to visit Barbara's blog and read more.

Steven: The Medium was great…going to book for the Halloween Special (19th February, 2011)

MJ: Wow.. the table tipping was fantastic (16th April, 2011)

OJ: I was amazed, I made contact with my Grandad. I’m booking again!” (16th April, 2011)

W.Tomlin: I would just like to thank you for a brilliant night. The ghost evening was a fantastic insight into the world of Fort Amherst, which my family and I really enjoyed. The guides were friendly, knowledgable and just as scepticle as the rest of us. I felt completely safe in their hands for the night, thank you. (13th August, 2011)